Business Acquisitions

What is business acquisition?

Business acquisition is the process where the acquiring company takes over another target company to build on strengths or weaknesses of the acquiring company. A merger is similar to an acquisition but refers more strictly to combining all of the interests of both companies into a stronger single company.

How can CAZ help with mergers and acquisitions?

We use our extensive knowledge of the acquisition process to consult you throughout the entire procedure. We leverage strategic partnerships with attorneys and many different types of investors to ensure no details are overlooked. CAZ has experience with many different types of mergers and acquisitions.

What is Transaction Service Consulting?

We help clients plan and complete major business transactions such as mergers, and takeovers or acquisitions. It is true that buying or selling a business or other major asset, or undertaking a merger, reverse merger, or IPO can destroy a company’s value if not planned and conducted carefully and correctly. Difficulties can include:

  • finding good opportunities
  • obtaining stakeholder shares
  • securing solid financing
  • performing strict and timely due diligence
  • maintaining regulatory compliance
  • realizing synergies of the new business
  • making valuable changes in business integration

What services can CAZ assist with?

We provide assistance throughout all parts of the M&A process, including:

  • Buyer Services
  • Seller Services
  • Lender Services
  • Valuation
  • Purchase Price Dispute Services
  • Integration
  • Tax Assistance
  • Access to legal consultation

It is important to have expertise and a proven track record on your side before engaging in any business merger or acquisition. Make sure you call us first.


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